10 popular Bitcoin wallets

Since bitcoin was launched in 2009, many different solutions for handling and storing the digital currency have been introduced. These bitcoin “wallets” come in different forms. Here are 10 Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin wallets allow secure and convenient management of the cryptocurrency. Several types are available, including hardware, software and paper wallets. Hardware wallets store a user’s codes (private keys) on a dedicated device like a USB drive. Transactions take place online via the wallet, but records are stored offline for increased security. Software wallets can be further divided into solutions designed for desktop computers, mobile devices or online wallets (accessible from any device). Paper wallets are perhaps the most straightforward and offer very high security, provided the physical paper is stored in a very safe place. A paper wallet can be a copy or printout of the user’s public and private keys or an application used to securely generate and print a pair of keys.

Ledger Nano S

The very competitively priced hardware wallet Ledger S supports a vast array of different cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin. It has a small screen that offers an overview of transactions and connects with computers and mobile devices via a USB cable. Setup is straightforward. Check out Ledger Nano S.

Trezor One

The first hardware wallet invented for bitcoin, Trezor also supports all other major cryptocurrencies. The very light and pocketable device is very simple to use. It stores digital assets offline on a secure electronic chip that can be activated only when the user logs in with a password. Check out Trezor One.


The high-end hardware wallet KeepKey supports bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. It has a larger user interface than most comparable solutions. It offers secure offline storage of assets with functionalities similar to the Ledger Nano S or Trezor. Check out KeepKey.


One of the most popular choices among software wallets, Copay is user-friendly and very secure thanks to multi-signature (multisig) functionality. Multisig means that each transaction requires signatures from multiple parties. It is designed for both desktop and mobile devices. Check out Copay.


A sophisticated software wallet, MyCelium has become one of the best-known bitcoin wallets for Smartphones. It offers very high security, even reminding the user to create backups to secure funds in the event of loss of the device. The free-of-charge solution may be challenging for beginners, but offers many features more experienced users appreciate. Check out MyCelium.


One of the oldest and most popular desktop wallets for bitcoin, Electrum provides excellent security and easy setup. It is available free of charge and can be integrated with hardware wallets and run on multiple desktops, but beginners may find its interface challenging. Check out Electrum.


The relatively recently launched multi-cryptocurrency desktop software wallet Exodus is available free of charge and features an extremely easy user interface. In addition to bitcoin, it supports almost 100 other cryptocurrencies and multiple exchange partners. Exodus offers good security and beginner-friendly use. Check out Exodus.

Samourai Wallet

A Smartphone-based bitcoin wallet, Samourai Wallet prioritizes security and privacy. The free-of-charge solution runs on android devices, and enables users to remain completely anonymous during transactions. Although it was designed with advanced users in mind, it is straightforward and easy to use. Check out Samourai Wallet.

Wallet Generator

A straightforward solution for creating paper wallets, Wallet Generator lets you print out your public and private keys for safe cold storage. The keys are printed as QR codes, which you can scan at a later date to access records of all transactions. The service is free of charge and offers unsurpassed security for those who wish to keep their cryptocurrency holdings for extended periods. Check out Wallet Generator.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet

A free-of-charge solution, Bitcoin Paper Wallet enables easy generation of printed paper bitcoin wallets. Optionally, you can purchase hologram seals for the paper wallets produced. These provide a dead giveaway of any attempted tampering. Check out Bitcoin Paper Wallet.


Of course, nothing beats firsthand experience. That’s why we recommend taking your time and exploring as many options as possible to find out which delivers the features, user experience and security to meet your needs.


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