Where to buy and sell bitcoin: the easiest and safest options to buy and sell Bitcoins

Why is Bitcoin such a popular cryptocurrency and investment vehicle?

Bitcoin as one of the most popular cryptocurrency has gained more public interest than ever. With the recent Defi (decentralized boom), more people wish to participate in this high potential market buy owning some Bitcoin, which is considered the digital gold by progressive financers. Let us go through the most trusted and easiest option to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Arguably, long term return of Bitcoin has outweighed any other assets

Bitcoin return to the long term trend, data as of Sept 2019, source Tradingview.

According to Bloomberg, crypto has beaten gold as 2020’s top asset so far.

Bloomberg crypto’s Galaxy index outperformed other assets

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts own Bitcoin for reasons more than the lucrative returns. Bitcoin is one of the most decentralized currencies in the market out there. It has been in existence for more than 10 years, since the Bitcoin blockchain was launched in2008. It is censorship-resistant, distributed and decentralized. No one can control Bitcoin alone. No one can shut it down, either. Bitcoin holders think of Bitcoin more than a speculative investment vehicle. It’s a symbol of revolution, of a disruptive technology application that could level the playing field for people who would otherwise would not have the chance to participate in the current financial system. It is resistant to authoritarian regimes and highly controlled nation states. It is a replacement of weak national fiat currencies with high inflation such as Venezuelan peso. In the more developed countries such as many part of Europe, the US, Japan, Korea, Bitcoin has becoming such a favorite investment vehicle, a store of value with high rate of asset appreciation and investment returns in the low interest rate environment.

So, are you already in love with Bitcoin?

Let’s see what the best way to buy and own Bitcoin to be part of this decentralized revolution and protect and appreciate your capital.

Trade Bitcoin CFD

You can participate in the value movement of Bitcoin by trading CFD with CFD Broker such as Etoro, Plus500. This way, you do not have to own Bitcoin but still benefit from value appreciate of Bitcoin. It is possible to use Bitcoin CFDs with a level of leverage of up to 30, which means that the CFD could rise and fall up to 30 times of the Bitcoin price.

Etoro and Plus500 are some of the most popular platforms where you can find a variety of Bitcoin CFD products. Plus500 also allows payment by credit cards and paypal, among many other payment methods. Opening an account is quick and easy. Below is a screenshot of Bitcoin CFD with the trader sentiments at the time of writing this article. (25 Sept 2020)

START trading Bitcoin CFD with Plus500.

Alternatively, Etoro offers not only Bitcoin CFD but a variety of cryptocurrencies and products for you to choose from.

START trading Bitcoin CFD with Etoro

Buying physical Bitcoin: How to buy real Bitcoin

There are various options to buy Bitcoins. Bitcoins are offered in centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as on exchange services and peer to peer Bitcoin changers.

In the context of this article, we will summarize the most popular, safest, and easiest options to buy and sell Bitcoins.

To buy and sell Bitcoin physically, you will need Bitcoin wallets to store them yourself. Check out the most popular Bitcoin wallets here.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency decentralized exchanges

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges have been attracting a massive userbase within a short time given the ease of use and the variety of the products they offer.

Buy and sell Bitcoin easily on Binance with debit and credit cards

As of December 2019, the top cryptocurrency exchange- Binance– had more than 15 million users from 180 countries, supporting 17 languages including German, French to Vietnamese, Korea, and Italian. Binance is the top bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in the world, which reached 1billion revenue in 2019, having had only more than 200 employees at the time. They made more money than Deutsche bank with its 100,000 employees.

Binance is very user-friendly. They have users from all over the world. They recently allowed buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with credit and debit card, which makes it easier for users than ever. If the amount is below certain threshold, no KYC is required for trading to take place.

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Buy and sell Bitcoin easily on Cex.io with debit and credit cards

CEX.IO is another reliable option to buy and sell Bitcoin easily. The prices for Bitcoin can vary wildly between exchange platforms. Like with Binance, you can buy and sell Bitcoin in cex.io with debit and credit cards.  The exchange is headquartered in London, UK and thus provide more confidence to the users, especially those coming from Europe. Cex.io has 3million users  on their platform, which is relatively small compared to Binance. However, they are one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin exchanges in the market.

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Exchange Bitcoins on peer to peer exchange platforms such as LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is the most prominent and trusted peer to peer Bitcoin exchange.

LocalBitcoins has 4 users worldwide with its headquarter in Finland. You can find the best exchange rates on LocalBitcoins since it is a peer to peer exchange. You can also buy Bitcoins offline via LocalBitcoins, which leads you to private merchants in your area. However, make sure you check out the merchants carefully before engaging in any transactions. Read the feedbacks and reviews of other users to get a flavor of the sellers/buyers before engaging with them.

Below are some of the offer from users in Germany.

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Final words

Before buying your first Bitcoin, it is worth to get a basic understanding of blockchain technology and Bitcoin as a digital currency and asset class. You can find some basic and digestible glossary of the common terms in blockchain and Bitcoin space. We hope you enjoy this article and let us know what you think to improve this content.

Disclaimer: The information in this article or in any content in our website is only for educational purpose. SmartFinanz are not licensed financial advisors. You bear your own risks investing in any crypto asset.